Wrongful Terminations Are Not Always Unlawful

“I have been wrongfully terminated!” Most of the employees I speak with use a variant of those words when explaining to me what their employer did to them. But unfortunately, there is no such thing as a claim for “wrongful termination.” In fact, whether an employer acted “rightly” or “wrongly” is of no consequence whatsoever. All that matters is whether the termination was unlawful.

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Sometimes The Customer Is Wrong

Sometimes the customer is wrong

Employers are legally obligated to provide their employees with a workplace free from sexual harassment. Whether the perpetrator of harassment is an employee or a third-party like a customer, client, or vendor is generally irrelevant.

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What Is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

What is workplace sexual harassment?

People are talking about workplace sexual harassment. This is a good thing. People generally agree, thankfully, that sexual harassment is a practice that has no business existing in the modern world, including the modern workplace. But that agreement ends when people start debating what actually constitutes workplace sexual harassment. The law can shed some light.

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