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Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation

Let’s be honest: lawyers can be expensive. But in its quest to ensure that everyone has access to justice at an affordable cost, the Rhode Island Supreme Court recently approved limited scope representation.

What’s limited scope representation? It’s when you hire an attorney to represent you only for a limited purpose. Maybe you only need assistance in drafting a complaint? Or perhaps you’ve already filed a suit and need help negotiating a settlement or participating in mediation? Enright Law provides limited scope representation to its clients who do not want or need an attorney to represent them in all aspects of a case.

Depending on the type of case you have, Enright Law will represent you for only one or more aspects of your case for either an hourly or flat fee. In other words, Enright Law will talk to you about your specific legal needs and, based on your budget, formulate a strategy that provides you with what you need at the lowest possible cost.

The most common types of limited representation are:

  • Drafting, filing, and serving a complaint;
  • Drafting and filing an answer;
  • Drafting and filing a counterclaim;
  • Preparing written discovery;
  • Answering written discovery;
  • Taking depositions of parties and witnesses;
  • Defending you at your deposition;
  • Drafting and filing various motions;
  • Preparing for and engaging in arbitration, mediation, or other alternative dispute resolution;
  • Negotiating settlements;
  • Taking a case to trial; and
  • Appeals.

Because of the limited nature of the representation, I am often able to quote you a flat fee to perform the desired work after talking to you about the case and your specific goals. Limited representation is an excellent way to retain an attorney for a reduced amount to handle only the more complicated aspects of the case.

I always advise my clients to retain an attorney to draft and file a complaint. The complaint is the most important part of a case, as it determines what issues will be resolved, what damages you may collect, and what issues the parties can conduct discovery into. If your case is a building, the complaint is its foundation.

So, if you are on a limited budget, why pay an attorney to bill your file for each and every call or email, regardless of how unimportant that work is for your case? Instead, retain Enright Law to perform a specific task, often at a specific price, and keep your costs down. Take advantage of the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s recent ruling and gain access to justice.