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Unemployment Appeals

Unemployment Appeals

Nobody likes to be out of work. But, unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. If you have been laid off, or even fired for any reason besides misconduct, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefit appeals are complicated. The initial decision can be reviewed by a Referee whose determination can be appealed to the Board of Review, then the District Court, and even the RI Supreme Court. Many employers hope that their former employees get intimidated by the process and simply give up. I represent individuals who are either appealing a benefit denial or whose employer is appealing the approval of benefits. I have over ten years of experience representing some of the biggest companies in the world, and now I am using that experience to make sure that those companies, and all employers, play by the rules.

If you have been denied unemployment benefits, or your employer is appealing approval of your benefits, call Enright Law. My service is free to you. My fees are paid by the state of Rhode Island, not you. Make sure you are not taken advantage of or bullied out of what you are owed.