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Treated Unfairly?
Feeling Helpless?

Tom Enright is ready to Enforce Your Employee Rights.

Employee Rights

Employee Rights

Your livelihood is a serious matter, and you deserve a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. You also deserve to be paid what you are owed, when you are owed it. Enright Law provides aggressive, experienced representation of employees who have been treated unfairly by their employer.

In a well-run company, an employer and its employees work together in a way that benefits everyone. But the employer/employee relationship is fraught with danger and employees can easily be abused by bosses who have an axe to grind or are high on the power of their position. There is no doubt that employees are at a real disadvantage. As an employee, you are subject to the whims of your boss. You have bills to pay and mouths to feed. I know firsthand how powerless you can feel when working for someone else.

That’s why the law prohibits a wide range of actions by employers. Importantly, you cannot be retaliated against simply because you have decided to enforce your employee rights. You may feel powerless. But the truth (that your employer may not want you to know) is that given the right attorney, you have real power.

Enright Law works tirelessly to make sure that employers satisfy their legal duties. That means that your boss may not discriminate against you based upon a number of protected reasons. That also means that you are entitled to certain protections governing wages and hours. And when the employment relationship has ended, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits regardless of what your employer may claim.

Enforcing employment rights is not always easy. Your employer, or former employer, will likely hire a large commercial litigation law firm with a team of lawyers to try to intimidate you and your counsel into taking a one-sided deal or simply walking away. But attorney Tom Enright worked at one of Rhode Island’s largest law firms on behalf of some of the biggest companies in the world, defending hundreds of lawsuits brought by individuals, like you, who were seeking to enforce their employee rights. Because of that, Enright Law understands, better than most, what tactics these companies will use to defend against your claims and what will work best to get your employer to make you whole. Contact Enright Law today to discuss your employment matter. Enright Law handles all employee rights issues including:

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wage Theft/Overtime
  • Unemployment Appeals
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Whistleblower Claims and Retaliation