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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

You have the right to be free from unwelcome conduct related to your gender that a reasonable person should not have to suffer while at work. It is a national disgrace that sexual harassment is still so prevalent. Harassment in the workplace does more than simply disrupt a business; it permanently damages its victims and causes them to doubt themselves and their self-worth. Harassment also forces people to choose between earning a living and being free from unreasonable obscenities and advances.

The perpetrators of harassment and the employers who condone or enable them expect you to remain silent and allow the offensive conduct to continue. And many victims do for fear of being retaliated against by being denied a promotion, demoted, reassigned, or even fired. Sometimes the harassment is so bad it forces the employee to quit their job.

The law protects you from sexual harassment, constructive discharge, and retaliation for speaking out about the conduct or otherwise enforcing your right to be free from it. Enright Law can assist you in stopping harassment, remedying any negative employment consequences, and collecting all damages to which you are entitled.